Chick-Fil-A | Vernon Hills | 5:00PM – 7:30PM TONIGHT

Hey everyone!

If you are able, please come and  join us tonight at the Vernon Hills Chick-Fil-A (701 N Milwaukee Ave Ste 360, Vernon Hills, IL 60061)! See the event page here.

Part of the proceeds will go towards our adoption fund. So all you need to do is show up, order food, tell them you’re “eating for adoption,” and then eat your food! You can even go through the drive thru. I mean, honestly, who doesn’t want an excuse to go to Chick-Fil-A? I’m looking forward to eating some of their food, but I’m so much more excited about getting to see people and hang out!

We will be there the whole time and Lesley will also be selling bracelets from the Apparent project to support our adoption, so you can pick one of those up for $10 (see more about that on our Fundraisers page)!

If you are not able to go and still want to support us, or you are going but still want to support us more directly, you can do so at our YouCaring page.

Hope to see you tonight!

Grace and Peace,


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