This whole journey has involved a lot of telling God what we want to do and what we feel He is telling us to do but also asking Him to clarify if there is a different direction that He would have things go.

When we found out that Lesley was pregnant, we did not quickly come to the conclusion that we would need to stop adoption, in fact we prayed that He would allow us to do both or make it incredibly clear that we should not adopt for now. It seemed like things might allow us to continue with both and that was exciting.

Then we went for the sonogram and the technician showed us one, moved it over a bit and said, “and…there’s it’s twin.” This was a little harder amidst all of the joy related to it, because we knew this meant adoption was off for now.

To be clear, we still plan to adopt. It simply seems unwise to pursue adoption right now with twins on the way. We plan on beginning the process again when our children hit 1 year old (which will be around January 2017).

For those of you who gave to us, if you do not want your money back, we plan to open a savings account and put the money raised in there for when we pick things back up in 2017.

This is what happens when you give your plans to God. They may not work out in the way that you expect them to, but He does incredible things. This is a huge blessing. Twins don’t even run in Lesley’s family! That means that there was only a 2% chance that this would happen spontaneously.

Thank you for following along, being with us, praying for us, helping fund us, or however else you may be involved in our journey. We have a bit further to go than expected, but we are trusting Him in it all.


For those looking for the TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) – Lesley is pregnant with twins and due in January 2016. Adoption is on hold until approximately January 2017.