Cereal Box Bracelet

The Apparent Project

What is The Apparent Project?

They are an organization in Haiti trying to help mothers and fathers in poverty be A PARENT to their children. They are educating and taking care of street kids who don’t have A PARENT. They are doing this all with the hope that the love of God will be made more APPARENT to those we humbly serve and that He will be known as A PARENT to the parentless. For more information on their organization go to

How can you support us through The Apparent Project?

We are selling their bracelets! They cost $10 each. 1/2 of the proceeds go to the artist in Haiti and 1/2 will go to our adoption fund. Each bracelet comes with a brief card letting you know who specifically made it and who you are specifically supporting parent their child.

How can you buy a bracelet?

If you live near us, please email me at and I will connect with you asap! If you already have my phone number, feel free to text or call.

If you do not live near us we would be happy to ship bracelets to you. We ask that you add $1 for each bracelet you buy for shipping costs ($11 a bracelet). Payment can be made using one of these two options.  Option #1 – If we personally know you and you bank with Chase we can set up a quick pay. Option #2 – You can mail us a check. Let us know you have sent us a check so we will be looking out for it. Make checks payable to Carl Chomko and mail them to:

Lesley Chomko

2275 Half Day Road, Suite 185

Deerfield, IL 60015


View More:

YouCaring Funding Website

If you would like to donate to our adoption fund but do NOT want a bracelet please visit our YouCaring website here and donate at any time.


Thank you so much for your love and support!!!


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