Bracelets Are In!

As mentioned on our fundraisers page, one way to support us (and also families in Haiti) is to buy a bracelet. Lesley has put together some different options of how you can do this on our fundraisers page.


We have 150 bracelets and we only have 6 weeks to sell them! We would love to run out and need to order more. We would love it, if you buy a bracelet, to use it as a reminder to pray for us and the person who made it.

If you want to support us but don’t care about having a bracelet, you can do that as well through our YouCaring page.

Thank you and we love you!

– Carl



Why We Are Adopting


A question that has already come up multiple times in the last couple of days since we announced beginning the adoption process is, “Why are you adopting?” The tone has ranged from “why would you ever do that?” to “this is awesome! Is there a particular reason you’re doing it though?”

I hope to adequately explain why we are taking this journey.

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